The Dumbler Standard

25 mm loadable dumbbell

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Finally, the Dumbler's little brother makes its grand entrance, offering all the benefits of the SlideLock on a 25 mm /1'' dumbbell.

IMPORTANT – Compatible with 25 mm / 1 in. hole weight plates. Using plates with larger holes may damage or bend the lock or sleeves. The plate hole diameter should be no larger than 26.5 mm. If you already own plates, we advise measuring the center diameter to be sure the fit will be good before purchasing. 


We’ve taken the simplicity, beautiful design and functionality of the Olympic Dumblers, and made them more compact. So, what you get is a dumbbell that can be used in a lot more environments than just the garage or basement. Their compact nature means that they are easy to take out, use and store, making them great for workouts at home in your living room or bedroom – or even to take with you on trips.

Load a single Dumbler standard with up to 50 kg, without worrying about weights falling off or collars loosening mid-set. The built-in SlideLock™ collar provides you with a safer, tidier and more user-friendly experience. The minimalistic design, combined with the ingenuity of the SlideLock inspires activity, so that you will want to work out time, and time again. Experience the feel, sound and safety that the SlideLock offers. 

Gear specs

Dumbbell type Loadable
Slidelocks Stainless steel
Compatible plates Standard plates
Sleeve diameter 25 mm / 1"
Sleeve length 127 mm / 5"
Loadable sleeve length 85 mm / 3.34"
Length 400 mm / 15.74"
Weight 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs.
Grip length 130 mm / 5.11"
Grip diameter 25 mm / 1"
Knurl Medium
Maximum load 50 kg / 110 lbs.
Handle Stainless steel
Sleeve Stainless steel
Bushing/Bearing  No bushing

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The Dumbler Standard

See how it works

Lift, Slide, Lock


Unique and patented
Scandinavian design

And entirely made of stainless steel

Use pre-owned standard plates
A pair instead of a set of dumbbells
Super satisfying and fun to use

A dumbbell made
to be used at home

If you're looking for a seamless, safe and simple workout experience where you live, it's right here. Add or remove weights quickly and give a 100% knowing you can trust your weigths to stay in place with the SlideLocks. Easy and hassle free, sets you up for efficient workouts and a tidier workout space.

The Dumbler Standard


Can they be dropped?

No. They should not be dropped under any circumstances regardless of  flooring type i.e. hard, dampening or rubbered flooring of any sort.

What plates can I use?

25 mm / 1" standard weight plates.

Will there be a gap between the SlideLock and the plates?

Yes, that can occur, but it will not affect the user experience. Normal collars will usually slide or move during the exercise, while the SlideLock won’t budge, keeping you safe all through the workout.

Do they come in pairs?

The Dumbler Standard is sold in pairs. Should you wish to only purchase a single dumbbell, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Do the sleeves spin?


Are they awesome?